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Response to Government consultation on the potential issuance of Super-long and perpetual gilts 203.9KB 05-December-2012
Super-long and perpetual gilts: a consultation document 214.3KB 25-May-2012
CPI-linked Gilts: Response to Consultation 68.8KB 29-November-2011
CPI-linked gilts: a consultation document 84.3KB 29-June-2011
Publication of Supplementary methods for distributing gilts: response to consultation 109.6KB 18-March-2009
Guarantee Scheme for Asset Backed Securities (ABS) 13.0KB 19-January-2009
Possible supplementary gilts distribution methods: a consultation document 108.4KB 17-December-2008
Response to the HMT/DMO Consultation on Government sterling sukuk issuance 475.2KB 02-June-2008
HMT/DMO Consultation Paper: Government sterling sukuk issuance - a consultation 429.7KB 14-November-2007
Terms of Reference: Feasibility Study of Islamic Financial Instruments 23.2KB 23-April-2007
DMO Survey on Remit Flexibility 29.6KB 02-October-2006
Response to DMO Consultation Paper on issuance of ultra-long gilt instruments 262.0KB 16-March-2005
Consultation paper on issuance of ultra-long gilt instruments 601.9KB 02-December-2004
Response to the consultation paper on electronic bidding at auctions 115.0KB 09-July-2004
Consultation paper on the introduction of electronic bidding at gilt auctions and Treasury bill tenders 320.6KB 12-March-2004
Response to DMO/CREST Consultation paper on Euro entry and implications for ISINs 127.6KB 05-February-2003
DMO/CREST Consultation paper on Euro entry: Implications for ISINs on redenomination 55.9KB 29-November-2002
HMT Consultation Paper: Modernising the arrangements for registration and transfer of British Government Stock 298.3KB 05-November-2002
HMT Discussion Paper: Proposed Model for the Re-engineering of Gilts Registration 83.7KB 11-September-2002
Response to DMO Consultation Paper on Index-linked Gilt Re-design 26.3KB 15-January-2002
1-20 of 38 Results