The DMO publishes two calendars. The events calendar includes all the key operational dates in each month including gilt auction dates, the dates when auction sizes (and for new gilts the coupon rate) are announced and the dates of major redemptions. It also includes dates associated with the implementation of the remit such as those of the quarterly consultation meetings, the dates of quarterly gilt auction (and Treasury bill) issuance calendar announcements, and, when known, the dates of the Budget and Spring Statement.

The issuance calendar for each financial year is published in March. When published, the calendar simply specifies the auction dates for the whole financial year and whether an auction on a particular date will be of a conventional or an index-linked gilt, but it is updated on a quarterly basis to give the identity of the gilts to be auctioned on specific dates once this has been announced.

A visual representation of the operations calendar for the current financial year is also available. Again, the calendar lists the auction dates for the financial year and whether they are conventional or index-linked auctions. The calendar is updated quarterly, detailing the specifics of gilts auctioned on particular dates, as well as details of mini-tenders and syndications, as announced.