Gilt Market Publications


The gilt market publications part of this website is split into seven sections.

For a retrospective review of the gilt market on either a financial year or a quarterly basis please refer to the Annual Reviews or Quarterly Reviews sections respectively.

Potential investors (market participants and members of the public) should refer to the Investor's Guide section for a general introduction to the different types of gilts available and how to buy and sell them, as well as more general information on the gilt market.

Market initiatives and consultation papers are available in Consultation Papers, while the Prospectuses section provides the gilt prospectuses of all gilts currently in issue as well as those of some gilts which have now redeemed.

This section also provides operational memoranda for operations such as switch auctions, conversions and reverse auctions. The technicalities of gilt market operations such as auction procedures are explained in Operational Rules.

To find out more about the calculations associated with gilts such as how to work out the cash flows due or how to calculate redemption yields please refer to the Formulae and Examples section.