Treasury Bill Issuance and Stock

Report Overview

This report sets out the total Treasury bill issuance for each month, along with the issuance breakdown (issuance of 1-month, 3-month and 6-month maturities via weekly tenders, as well as total issuance via ad-hoc tenders and the bilateral facility). The final two columns show the total Treasury bill stock outstanding as of month-end and the debt-related Treasury bill stock at the end of each financial year from 2015-16 onwards.

1 Treasury bill collateral issues are excluded from this table.
2 Treasury bills issued by the Bank of England under SLS/FLS are excluded from this table.
3 The total stock outstanding, at financial year-end reported here is different from the stock that is implied by the net contribution to financing from Treasury bills set out in the financing arithmetic table. This is because Treasury bills issued for cash management purposes are excluded from the financing arithmetic table but will contribute to the overall outstanding stock.
4 The Treasury bill stock for debt financing reflects Treasury bill issuance that takes place as part of the debt financing programme in order to meet the Net Financing Requirement. Treasury bill issuance for this purpose results in the outstanding Treasury bill stock shown in this column.