Gross and Net Issuance Data


This section contains several reports which provide gilt issuance data. The issuance data either takes the form of gross issuance, which is the total amount of new gilts supplied to the market in any given period or net issuance, which is the gross amount of supply less the amounts of gilts redeeming or bought back by the DMO through its secondary market operations in the period in question.

The annual gross and net issuance report presents historical gross and net gilt issuance totals on an annual basis, along with the net debt/GDP ratio.

The monthly gross and net issuance report breaks down the annual issuance data into a series of monthly observations.

The gross and net issuance projections report shows the historical annual totals for gross and net gilt issuance from 1990-91 to date and projections based on Budget forecasts going forward. The report also shows the net debt/GDP ratio (both actual and forecast).

The cash sales of gilts by type and maturity report includes a detailed breakdown of gross issuance by short, medium and long maturities of both conventional and index-linked gilts in each financial year since 1960-61.