Treasury Bill Reference Prices

Report Overview

Treasury bill reference prices were first published on 12 September 2003 and are available here from that date to 21 July 2017 when the DMO ceased publishing reference prices for gilts, STRIPs and Treasury Bills. They are based on a money market yield to maturity calculation priced around prevailing GC repo rates, adjusted by a spread reflecting recent Treasury bill tender results and, if applicable, any specific supply and demand factors. These reference prices provide indicative mid prices for the purpose of CREST valuation of collateral transfers and are not intended to represent market prices at which the securities could or have been traded.
Close of Business Date

1 Treasury bill reference prices are only produced for UK business days i.e. prices are not available for weekends or bank holidays. A list of UK bank holidays is available in the Data sub-section of the Gilt Market section of this website.