Index-linked Gilt Cash Flows

Report Overview

This report provides the published coupon and redemption payments for each index-linked gilt. The payments displayed include the relevant inflation uplift and are rounded according to the official rounding convention.
Dividend Year Range
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1 Coupon and redemption payments for all 3-month lag index-linked gilts and 2% Index-linked Treasury Stock 2035 are fixed by the DMO. Cash flows on all other index-linked gilts are fixed by the Bank of England. The official announcements giving details of the coupon and redemption payment fixings appear in the gilt market press releases section of this website.
2 The indexation lag on index-linked gilts first issued prior to September 2005 is 8 months; on index-linked gilts first issued from September 2005 the indexation lag is 3 months.
3 In the past some gilts were issued on a partly paid basis and so the first dividends on such issues were smaller to reflect their partly paid nature.
4 On the day that a coupon (or redemption) payment on an index-linked gilt becomes fixed (i.e. on the day when the RPI determining that payment is published) it is added to this report.
5 For 8-month lag index-linked gilts, although an index ratio is not formally defined, an indicative index ratio is provided in this report. The corresponding cash flows are calculated from the unrounded form of this indicative index ratio.