Current Data

Monthly Loans Report

The report lists by borrower the amounts advanced in the previous month, the rate of interest, the term of the loan and the length of time, in months, before the loan will be fully expended. Information on the annual activity is located in the Annual Reports section.



Year end data

Audit Statements

Borrowers will receive a copy of their audit statement by email as at 31 March each year.  This statement is sent in April, normally within 7 working days.


Year End Values

It is the responsibility of borrowers to calculate the value of their loans at year end.

PWLB lending facility has made available data to help borrowers to calculate the fair value of their loans. The DMO has also provided a calculation that, whilst not meeting the requirements of paragraph of the Code, will be useful in meeting the additional disclosures suggested by the Code Guidance Notes. It calculates a value for each loan at the end of the financial year as the aggregate net present value of future cash flows, discounted using the appropriate discount rate taken from the premature repayment set of rates in force at close of business on the last working day of the financial year, using the formulae on the Technical Notes page.

31 March 2020

England, Wales and Scotland - All Authorities  (2.45MB)

Residual maturity

Each borrower's debt outstanding to HM Treasury at the year end is analysed into period bands with the average rate of interest payable for each band.

Residual Maturity 2020 (323 KB)